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About Our Community at Whittier Place

Whittier Place Condominium in Boston's West End consists of two modern, high-rise buildings, originally built as rental housing in 1964 and converted to condominiums in 1986. Our community includes 463 residences, 15 professional office suites, and 5 commercial units. Many of the residences allow breathtaking views of the cityscape, including the Charles River and its parklands, the Zakim-Bunker Hill Bridge, Boston Harbor, the Back Bay, and Beacon Hill.

Both high-rise buildings have attractive lobby entrances and offer 24-hour concierge service. Rental and condominium office space is located on the lobby levels in Five, Seven, and Eight Whittier.

Located at the virtual epicenter of Greater Boston, Whittier Place is notable for its convenient location adjacent to the Charles River Parklands. Downtown, including the State House and Financial District, are easily accessible on foot.

Cambridge and the Galleria are just across the Charles River Dam. Logan International Airport is only minutes away via the Big Dig and Harbor Tunnels, with the Central Artery immediately accessible from our front entrance.

The Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Eye and Ear Infirmary are located just to the west of our grounds. Many medical staff members of both institutions call Whittier Place home.

Our residents and commercial members of the community share a spacious underground garage as well as surface parking, which in part is accessible to visitors. Many residents have purchased parking spaces, as do those who work in and around the complex, which is part of Charles River Park, occupying 48 acres with over 2300 residential units. Guest parking is available.

Whittier Place also contains an early childhood center/primary school and a health club with pool. Whittier residents have access to nearby tennis courts. There are laundry facilities within each building. A small grocery store and café is located adjacent to the complex.

Our homeowners association, Whittier Place Condominium Trust, has produced and maintains this Website for the convenience and pleasure of all our guests and residents. Whether you are a permanent resident, one of the many wonderful people who serve our community, or a visitor, we welcome you and appreciate your presence.


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